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What type of sunscreen lotion is in the stations?

Our stations dispense Ultra Protect SPF50+ Lotion (AUST L 314149), which has been specially formulated to provide very high protection and is suitable for children and those with sun sensitive skin. Our sunscreen complies with the AUST/NZ Standards AS/NZS 2604:2012 and is approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

How much sunscreen do the stations supply?

Each container holds 10 litres of sunscreen. The consumer can elect to receive as little as 10mL of sunscreen at a time.

What is the consumer purchase cost for dispensing sunscreen?

The default purchase amount is 30mL for $1.50. The consumer can decrease this to 10mL of sunscreen for $0.50; or alternatively they can increase this to 50mL of sunscreen for $2.50.

Are there any hidden card fees?

The merchant charges transaction fees of $0.17.

How do I know the expiration date of the sunscreen?

The station has a display window, which shows the sunscreen expiration date and the batch number.

How do you prevent the sunscreen from losing its effectiveness?

A sensor controlled cooling system monitors the temperature of the sunscreen and ensures that the temperature does not exceed the TGA recommended levels.

Does the sunscreen get dispensed all in one go?

An infrared sensor measures the presence of a hand and dispenses sunscreen when a hand is present. The station will stop dispensing once the hand is removed. A timer also counts down on the LCD screen, showing you how much time you have to receive your full dispense of sunscreen.


Where can I find your sunscreen stations?

Our sunscreen stations can be found at all kinds of outdoor locations along the Eastern seaboard of Australia, with more locations to come.

What are the benefits of using your sunscreen station?

If you’re out and about and have forgotten your sunscreen, run out, or don’t want to carry it with you; you can still be sun safe by using sunscreen from one of our stations. Additionally, our sunscreen stays effective when yours may not. When sunscreen is exposed to high temperatures or direct sunlight the chemicals degrade, however our stations use sophisticated technology for optimal storage conditions to ensure the sunscreen doesn’t lose its sun blocking properties.

How do I go about recommending a sunscreen station for my local beach/park/school/workplace?

Discuss the installation with the relevant authority (e.g. SLSC president, school principal, School P&F, workplace OHS officer). If they’re interested they simply need to contact Sunscreen Stations Australia and we’ll arrange for a demonstration and discuss installation options.

How much does a sunscreen station cost to buy?

Sunscreen stations are available to purchase for $6,750 (excl. GST). The purchaser is required to enter into a five-year sunscreen supply agreement.

I want a sunscreen station for my event, how can I hire one?

Contact Sunscreen Stations Australia for a quote. All we need to know is when, where, access to electricity and expected number of people. We’ll do the rest.

How much does it cost to rent a sunscreen station?

Sunscreen stations are available to rent for a minimum two-year period at a cost of $3,800 per annum. This rental cost includes 8 x 10L containers of sunscreen and Product & Public liability insurance coverage. Under the rental arrangement the site owner has control over the station configuration and the branding.

What is a concessionaire model?

Under the concessionaire model, Sunscreen Stations Australia manufactures, installs and maintains the station at no cost to the site owner. The site owner receives a royalty per transaction and a portion of sponsorship revenue.

Are installation and maintenance provided?

Installation and maintenance are included in the concessionaire model and available (at an additional cost) under the rental and purchase arrangements.

Does the sunscreen station need power?

The sunscreen stations need to be mains connected. The station have dual-layered circuit breakers to protect against electrical risk.

How do we know when the station is running low on sunscreen?

The stations send a notification (SMS / Email) when the sunscreen container has 10% capacity remaining.

Does the station need to be installed undercover?

The stations have been designed for unattended outdoor installation and can be installed in outdoor areas exposed to the elements.

Does Sunscreen Stations Australia supply stations to anywhere in Australia?

We currently lease stations in NSW, QLD and VIC, however for large orders we can go further afield.


Are your stations environmentally friendly?

Our stations have been designed to have minimal impact on the environment. We’ve combined passive and active technology to reduce the carbon footprint and incorporated a comprehensive IoT platform to ensure an efficient maintenance and replenishing schedule. Our sunscreen contains no harmful chemicals that might damage the marine eco-system, and our stations reduce the use of single-use plastic with one station being the equivalent of 100 plastic sunscreen bottles.

Will you be supplying stations internationally?

As one of the few manufacturers and distributors of sunscreen stations, we receive a lot of interest from potential overseas partners. As a dynamic Aussie organisation however, it’s important that our partners share our enthusiasm and have a common vision for the growth of the product. If you’re interested in an overseas partnership get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss.

Can you make money from a sunscreen station?

Yes! Sunscreen stations can be a great source of additional revenue for councils, events, businesses and more. Under the concessionaire model site owners can earn royalties per transaction, and for those with a purchase or rental arrangement there is more potential for income. Additionally, advertising income is also a possibility with branding options available for the sunscreen stations.

Who do we contact about branding a station?

The stations provide static branding space ranging between 2.17sqm (free-standing) to 0.71sqm (wall mounted). The station also includes an LCD touch screen (6.1cm diameter), which provides a platform for seasonal campaigning. Contact Sunscreen Stations Australia if you’re interested in advertising on our sunscreen stations.

Can the stations dispense insect repellent?

The stations have been designed to dispense insect repellent as well as sunscreen. Contact Sunscreen Stations Australia if you’re interested in learning more.

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